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Mission Area

Vulnerable Children & Families

‘’Our flourishing as a society depends on the flourishing of our families and households, the base unit of our communities. We can only solve the most intractable policy challenges of our times by ensuring that families and households are at the heart of our collective thinking and actions’’

Arcbishop Justin Welby & Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Love Matters Report

At ChurchWorks we are passionate about seeing thriving families and know that the church can play a vital part in bringing this vision to reality. From toddler groups to parenting programmes, after school clubs to marriage courses, the church has much to offer families in their local communities.

It is our mission to ensure the local church is seen as part of key societal infrastructure for families and to advocate for the role of faith in national conversations concerning families. We do this through partnering with Christian organisations supporting children and families, and working with government and government delivery partners such as the National Centre for Family Hubs.

Vulnerable Children & Families Projects

Since 2022, our main project focus within this mission area has been in the area of Family Hubs. Find out more about this work and how you can get involved below.

Family Hubs

Connecting churches with local authorities to encourage strong local and national partnerships