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A key factor in the success of ChurchWorks’ mission is its partnerships with Christian charities.


Our partner organisations are all passionate about supporting the most vulnerable in society through a Christian-inspired mission - they have different areas of focus; from debt advice to parenting to food poverty and bereavement support.


Our partners assist us in equipping local churches with the practical tools, relationships and confidence to align their churches ministry with wider public policy goals and needs - they do this through speaking at events, sharing their resources, promoting their work in our newsletter and being directly connected to local churches by the ChurchWorks team.

''Partnering with ChurchWorks has enabled us to think wider about our work, and encouraged us to seek more partnerships with networks that we might otherwise not have been able to''

Acts 435

Interested in becoming a ChurchWorks Partner?

If you’re a Christian organisation with a passion to reach the vulnerable in society and you’d like to find out more about how you can partner with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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What partners are saying about ChurchWorks

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A conduit for bringing groups together

We believe that to serve local communities and see community transformation, churches, government, and charities need to work together in partnership. This is exactly what ChurchWorks aims to do – it is a conduit for bringing these groups together to work more holistically and not in silos, to see those who are most in need supported well.

Kids Matter

Kids Matter

Helped us to collaborate with other charities

Working with ChurchWorks has helped us to collaborate with other charities focusing on social impact. There is so much to be done presently in the UK, and it has been such a blessing to not only hear how other charities are working on these issues and sharing the load, but also how we can collaborate and use our skill sets to support one another to be more efficient as we move forwards.

Growing Hope

Growing Hope

A key partner

The influencing potential is impressive, and the commitment to diversity of representation is also an important element of what helps make ChurchWorks a key partner to Sanctuary. Your work is both valued and vital

Corrin Pilling (UK Director)

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

Enabled us to think wider about our work

Partnering with ChurchWorks has enabled us to think wider about our work, and encouraged us to seek more partnerships with networks that we might otherwise not have been able to. We have found contributing towards the work of The Warm Welcome Campaign valuable, by being able to contribute towards this national initiative, we have been enabled to see the bigger picture of all that churches are doing in their communities to reach individuals who have spiritual and practical needs.

Acts 435

Acts 435