Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing connects people to non-medical support to address their broader wellbeing needs such as mental health challenges or isolation. Social Prescribing was formally introduced to NHS England in 2019 and often takes place through an NHS employed social prescribing link worker. This individual will listen to the needs of the patient and refer them to appropriate support such as a walking club, debt counselling, or gardening group.
NHS Information on Social Prescribing

What is Social Prescribing?

Watch our clip of Claire Miles speaking at ChurchWorks for Wellbeing 2023 for more information on social prescribing is all about.

Many churches are already offering activities that support the mental, emotional, relational and physical needs of their communities. Examples include art clubs, lunch clubs, parent and toddler groups, debt counselling, Warm Welcome spaces, listening services and more.


Watch our webinar with the National Academy of Social Prescribing from December 2022 to hear more examples of what Churches around the UK are doing.
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Get Started

While many churches have developed innovative projects and build strong relationships with their local social prescribing team, it can be as simple as ringing up your social prescribing link worker and letting them know what your church can offer.

Go Health

To find out more about how your church can engage in social prescribing, sign up for Go Health’s Social Prescribing Workshops:
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Gather Movement

Interested in developing a mental health strategy for your community? Head to the Gather Movement for more information and contacts for further support.
Gather Movement

Timeline of Wellbeing

October 2021
First Commission Meeting

During the Commissioner’s first ever meeting, Commissioners identified wellbeing as one of the key areas to work on.

January 2022
ChurchWorks Summit

At the ChurchWorks Summit with Government held in January 2022, Commissioners and members formulated the beginnings of the ChurchWorks for Wellbeing campaign and the need for national research on churches and social prescribing.

September/October 2022
Integrated Care System Roundtables

In September and October we met with representatives from various Integrated Care Systems (ICS) around the country to discuss the possibilities of further capacity building and scoping work to strengthen links between local health systems, social prescribers and church groups to support the reduction of health inequalities. 

5th December 2022
NASP Webinar: Churches and Social Prescribing

Alongside key ChurchWorks partners, we shared examples of how the church can engage in social prescribing. You can watch the webinar recording here. 

18th May 2023
ChurchWorks for Wellbeing

Over 300 church leaders gathered in Westminster Chapel to explore how the local church can practically respond to the mental health crisis. Find out more about the event on our blog here.